2023 Regular Season Registration

Registration will open on November 24th. For any questions regarding registration, please contact


Please read of the following information before registering your child.

Catchment Boundaries

West to East boundaries are Capilano River to Lonsdale Avenue. South to North Boundaries are from the water at Burrard Inlet up to Grouse Mountain.

Please note: Athletes who played for Highlands Little League (HLL) in 2016 or before but now live outside the new boundaries will be allowed to play their entire baseball days out at HLL. Athletes who attend a school within the Highlands catchment area are also eligible for play. Exceptions may be made for siblings.

Registration Fees

All Fees includes a Sport Council Field User Levy, a Little League District 5 Levy, and Highlands Little League Fees. Financial assistance may be available for those who need it through Sport BC.

Late Fees

A late registration fee of $25 will be charged to players who register on and after the pre-determined late registration date.


  • Withdrawal before end of February - full refund minus a $20 administration fee.
  • Withdrawal  before April 1st, 50% registration fees refunded.
  • Withdrawal after April 1st no refund.

Team Formation

For T-ball/Farm/A Division teams, we will attempt to place friends together although no more than 3 (usually school-based teams). Teams at the AA to Majors levels are selected on the basis of player evaluations and are not based on schools or friend requests.

Player Evaluations

Players registering for AA to Majors will be contacted by email in late February with dates and times for player evaluations. Every child is guaranteed a spot on a team. Evaluations are simply to assure that talent is equally distributed to all teams.


Highlands is 100% volunteer run including board, league organizers and coaches. While we have been very fortunate in our parent volunteers for team associated duties, we have struggled in the past to recruit enough volunteers for League events such as Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Tournaments and Picture Day. For this reason, we are instituting a League Volunteer Fee for the Spring Season for all families.

You will be required to supply a cheque in the amount of $100.00 made payable to Highlands Little League and post-dated to July 15th with “Volunteer Fee” in the memo line to the team manager of your oldest child’s team. Throughout the season, you will be contacted with volunteer opportunities and your volunteerism will be tracked. If volunteering has been completed by July 15th, the cheque will be destroyed. If not, it will be cashed. If you have any questions about what the particular volunteer position involves, please don't hesitate to contact

Also, if you have a particular talent or passion for something that would enhance the overall experience for our players, families and community that is not listed - please be sure to contact

Regular Season

Our regular season will run from the beginning of April to mid June. Schedules to be posted in March or early April. Post season play begins in June and runs through July.

Player Ages

Players are to register for the appropriate division based on their date of birth. All players must play at least one year in their age appropriate division before being considered for play in the next division. From the A Ball division onwards, league wide evaluations will determine whether requests to "play up" will be accepted.


$90.00 Early Bird
  • $115 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 4 - 5
  • Born Aug 2019 - Dec 2017

Farm Ball

$90.00 Early Bird
  • $115 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 6
  • Born Aug 2017 - Sept 2016

A Ball

$200.00 Early Bird
  • $225 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 7 - 8
  • Born Aug 2016 - Sept 2014

AA Ball

$230.00 Early Bird
  • $255 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 9 - 10
  • Born Aug 2014 - Sept 2012

AAA Ball

$230.00 Early Bird
  • $255 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 11
  • Born Aug 2012 - Sept 2011


$240.00 Early Bird
  • $265 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 12
  • Born Aug 2011 - Sept 2010


$240.00 Early Bird
  • $265 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 13 - 14
  • Born Aug 2010 - Sept 2008


$240.00 Early Bird
  • $265 After December 15th
  • Baseball Age 15 - 16
  • Born Aug 2008 - Sept 2006


  • North Shore Challenger Baseball Division, meant to appeal to players aged 5 through 18 with physical or cognitive disabilities living on the North Shore. The Challenger division is offered at no cost to the player/family.

About Highlands LL

Highlands Little League represents an incredible opportunity for children to build confidence, strengthen friendships and belong to a growing community of families that care about sport and the joy that children experience when they play on a team to the best of their abilities.

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Highlands Little League

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