Role and Responsibilities

Highlands Little League is run entirely by volunteers. We therefore actively encourage parent participation throughout the roles and responsibilities of our little league. If you would like to give your time or expertise or both, please contact

- Presides at league meetings and D5 meetings
- Assumes full responsibility for the operation of the league
- Receives all mail, supplies and other communications from D5
- Ensures that the league personnel are properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League Canada

Vice President 
- Presides in the absence of the President
- Works with other officers
- Oversees and works with volunteers
- Is ex-officio member of all committees and carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the President

Directors at Large 
- Attends Executive Meetings
- Provides an advisory role on administrative and baseball matters pertaining to the league and D5
- May be requested to attend D5 meetings when possible

- Maintains a register of members and directors
- Records the minutes of meetings
- Is responsible for sending out notice of meetings and maintains a record of the league's activities

- Signs checks co-signed by another officer or director
- Dispenses league funds as approved by the Executive
- Reports on the status of league funds
- Keeps local league books and financial records
- Prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all league finances
- Prepares and files necessary documents to Sports BC for annual grant

- Organization of online registration system
- Organization of division and team formation
- Issuing tax receipts to families who have not registered online
- Providing player information to division coordinators and LVLL board, as required
- Provide player information to Little League Canada
- Works closely with Treasurer, President and Division Coordinators

Equipment Manager 
- Pre-season, order necessary equipment for all divisions
- Organize distribution of equipment to coaches
- Maintain appropriate level of equipment during season
- At season end, organize, receive, sort and store equipment

Fields Manager 
- In conjunction with Division Coordinators, maintain field usage schedule
- Inform Umpire Coordinator of schedule and playoffs
- Organize fences if removable
- In conjunction with Equipment Manager, organize field house facility and equipment

Player Agent 
- Act as liaison between league and players and parents
- Oversee player evaluations, division drafts and team formations
- Situations may include moving players between teams within and across divisions
- Conduct player evaluations during season for possible movement

Safety Officer 
- Ensure the physical protection of all members of the league. The majority of this is achieved with good preventative processes in place.
- Ensure all adults involved with the League have submitted a Criminal Record Check Form. This needs to be done each year for all League Officials, coaches, adult umpires, Field Maintenance, Managers.
- The field facilities should be regularly inspected for any potential hazards that could cause injury. Any such situations should be submitted to the grounds maintenance crew or the District of North Vancouver Parks Board so that it can be addressed.
- Prepare injury reports for any on-field injuries throughout the duration of the season.

- Act as referral point for coaches and umpires in the interpretation of rules
- Attend Majors and Minors games when possible to encourage and work with umpires
- Answer questions related to rules from Umpires and coaches by quoting the rule book
- Ensure all coaches have a copy of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules
- Implement an evaluation system of umpires
- Get feedback from coaches and make decision on how to feed back to kids

Umpire Coordinator 
- Organize umpire clinic in pre-season through District 5
- Pay the umps, get cheques from league and distribute
- Create ump schedule for regular and post season games
- Keep on top of makeup games
- Communicate with umps and determine general availability and special requests
- Communicate with coaches to let them know you are umpire in chief

Development Program Coordinator 
- In conjunction with Coaches, Division Coordinators, Field Manager, and Treasurer plan and execute year round development clinics.
- Develop relationships with various baseball instruction providers.
- Assist Equipment Manager in assessing divisional needs.

Pre-Season Evaluation Coordinator 
- Book indoor space and time
- Organize evaluations for player placement
- Ensure equipment is available for evaluations
- Organize coaches to evaluate
- Tabulate scores and prepare overall rating on each player

Uniform Coordinator 
- Pre-season: check status of uniforms (league and all-stars)
- In conjunction with the AGC’s organize and order uniforms
- In conjunction with the AGC’s organize return and storing of uniforms
- Pickup uniforms from supplier

Communications/Website Manager 
- Learn all aspects of Highlands website
- Update website as requested by members of the league executive
- Convert documents submitted for posting onto website into pdf files
- Keep website current removing out of date items as necessary
- Write and edit copy for placement on the website
- Make recommendations to improve presentation and efficiency
- Request photos, get approvals and place periodically on website

Brand Manager and Merchandise 
- Manage and distribute all brand assets
- Approve use of Highlands identity across uniforms and signage
- Manage online merchandise store
- Manage all trophy and medal orders
- Organize production of signage for registrations
- Organize all advertisements.

Sponsorship Coordinator 
- Discuss the sponsorship and fundraising objectives with League directors before the season
- Contact regular sponsors each Spring to confirm continuing sponsorship and secure contribution
- Provide sponsors with basic information about Highlands initiatives and schedules
- Identify and develop potential new sponsorship and fundraising opportunities, as required
- Coordinate sponsor signage and recognition

Volunteer Coordinator 
- Manage list of parents who have chosen to volunteer for the league
- Email out volunteer opportunities when needed
- Track their participation

Age Group Coordinators 
- Obtain list of volunteers, coaches, assistants, managers, co-ordinators
- Obtain list of player names and create teams: school-based and friends
- Assign players to teams and e-mail team lists to coaches
- E-mail medical form information to coaches/managers
- Coaches Meeting at start of season (hand out uniforms, equipment & schedule)
- Send reminders to coaches re: rules, dates for events, etc.
- On-going communication between coaches, managers and league
- Collect uniforms & equipment in conjunction with Uniform and Equipment Managers

Opening Day Coordinator 
- Responsible for scheduling the Opening Day activities
- Coordinate with Director of Sponsorships regarding suppliers
- Coordinate tent/tables/chair/sound system
- Purchase food and beverage
- Coordinate guest speakers/music/MC Opening Day
- Opening Day Program
- Organize games/setup/field decorations and prizes
- Recruit Parents and Coaches for help on day of

Closing Day Coordinator  
- Responsible for scheduling the Opening Day activities
- Coordinate with Director of Sponsorships regarding suppliers
- Coordinate tent/tables/chair/sound system
- Purchase food and beverage
- Coordinate guest speakers/music/MC Opening Day
- Opening Day Program
- Organize games/setup/field decorations and prizes
- Recruit Parents and Coaches for help on day of

Photo Day Coordinator 
- Coordinate with Opening Day Committee
- Establish the schedule for having the team pictures taken on a particular weekend in mid-April, communicating that schedule to the families through email.
- Be on hand to assist in orchestrating the team pictures and collect forms and fees.
- You will work with Team Managers to ensure information is dispersed timely.

Tournament Coordinator
- Field requests for tournament hosting or participation
- Coordinate with Board, AGC’s and coaches about tournament scheduling
- Prepare post-season tournament options

Head Coach
- This job is perfect for the person who loves the game of baseball and enjoys teaching the skills to play!
- It requires a commitment of time, energy, patience, and some basic knowledge of the game.
- Other responsibilities include organizing and managing practices (2 or 3 during pre-season, and at least 1 per week once the games begin), games (1-3 per week), selecting Assistant Coaches for your team, helping at the Players Skills Assessment in February/March, participating in the Player Draft, attending the Coaches Clinic in March/April

Assistant Coach
- This job is crucial for the success of our league and demands patience and enthusiasm more than baseball knowledge or experience.
- Responsibilities include helping Coach organize and manage practices (2 or 3 during pre-season, and at least 1 per week once the games begin), games (1-3 per week)
- Responsibilities grow with age where T-Ball and Farm demands some basics, Majors and Juniors requires real baseball experience and significant time commitment.

Team Manager
- Organize team roster with contact details
- Organize snack/refreshment schedule for games
- Promote, assist with, and encourage team families to help with Special Events
- Communicate to parents on game and practice times and clinics
- Communicate with other teams managers, umpires to cancel and make-up games


Contact Info

Highlands Little League

Unit 75538 – 3050 Edgemont Blvd

North Vancouver, BC V7R 4X1